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Audience Comments - Chocolate Confessions by Joan Freed

Audience Comments - Chocolate Confessions by Joan Freed

Audience Comments - Chocolate Confessions by Joan Freed

"Delightful and delicious!"

"We took some friends and all agreed that we saw an absolutely marvelous production. My husband asked me what I thought of it on a scale of l to 10. I enthusiastically gave it a 10.  My husband said, 'No! An 11!!!' Thank you for a splendid evening."

"Brilliant! Absolutely wonderful!"

"I saw your show Friday night and loved it so much I got a group together and came back Saturday. I was particularly delighted that, as well as being outstandingly crafted and performed, it featured many of the things I'm addicted to -- hats, purses, chocolate, comedy, music, performance... Thank you for bringing such joy to so many."

"I nearly split a gut laughing!"

"We want to thank you for helping us celebrate our 44th anniversary last evening. We loved the performance. It was a wonderful evening. Please let us know when and where you will be performing it again, as we would like our family and friends to see it too.''

"I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed Saturday night's performance. Twice I was laughing so hard my side hurt. That bunny in handcuffs almost killed me!!!  I'm telling everybody I know how much I enjoyed the show." 

"Remarkable one-woman musical!"

"I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your show last night.  I thought it was cleverly written and wonderfully performed!!!!!"

"What a performance! Thank you so much for such a fun evening. The lines were right on target, the songs well chosen and appropriate for the text, your little touches were unforgettable. You are giving such pleasure to so many."

"Exceptional! Entertaining!"

"I loved the show. And the music is amazing! As a professional musician myself, it was like ear candy!"

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