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Frequent Questions - Chocolate Confessions by Joan Freed
Frequent Questions - Chocolate Confessions by Joan Freed

Where can I see your show?
Since the completion of our ten-week run at the World Trade Center Theatre, we have been touring with the show. Currently performances are in theaters and other venues where we are booked to present the show. Contact us for details on upcoming performances, and Frequent Questions - Chocolate Confessions by Joan Freedwe will let you know the locations and how you can purchase tickets.

What kinds of songs will we hear in the show?
You’ll hear Broadway standards with new lyrics, and a variety of pop song parodies. For example, song titles include “Everything’s Coming Up Chocolate”, “Craving Nine to Five”, and “It’s Still Rocky Road to Me”.

Will my husband/boyfriend enjoy the show?
Absolutely!  Some of our biggest fans are men.  And did you know that men actually consume more chocolate than women?  They just don't make such a big deal about it.

Is the show suitable for children?
Our audiences are primarily adults, though children about age eight and above with a love of musical theater will definitely enjoy the show.  If the show were a movie, it would likely be rated PG.

So what’s it really like doing a one-person show?
Performing this show is extremely rewarding, but the cast parties can be lonesome.

How did you come to star in this production?
Being both creator and casting director of this show gave me a leg up on the competition. However, there was a casting couch involved, so in order to secure the starring role, I had to sleep with myself. Turns out I was pretty good.

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