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Reviews & Articles - Chocolate Confessions by Joan Freed

Reviews & Articles - Chocolate Confessions by Joan Freed

Delightful, Delicious Chocolate Evening


It was, truly, a delicious evening when a full house met at the local confessional, aka Charbonneau “Bistro,” to enjoy every bite and every delight of a day with Coco Bliss.

      With the warm scent of chocolate in the air, the talented Joan Freed kept us enticed from beginning to end, introducing a mélange of zany customers who pop into the local chocolate shop for their daily fix. From the pseudo femme fatale addicted to romance novels to the female biker type in leather jacket and pink wig whose need for the decadent confection leads her to a life of crime, “Chocolate Confessions” is hilarious.

      The audience was not only entertained but, educated and well-fed. We now know the origin of M & M’s and the English translation for a number of popular French phrases. Who would have guessed? And the desserts? A chocolate lover’s dream!

      Using many songs from lesser-known Broadway productions, and weaving new life into them with words to fit the moment, Joan has developed this musical comedy herself. Craig Jones, a master at the keyboard and piano, did much of the arranging and is the background that makes the show work so well.

      Thanks to the talent and technical capabilities of the sound and light guys, the above and beyond efforts of our clubhouse staff, and Melinda Butler and her crew, the evening was perfection.

      We're hoping for a return engagement when Joan’s next show, “Make Mine Mocha!” hits the road. It opens at the Lakewood in February.

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